Here is a simple set of instructions for sending back the pulsera box back once your sale has ended. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us and we'd be happy to answer them. Thanks!


Your first step will be to count the remaining pulseras and organize them back into the color-coded burlap bags that they came in. The thick, soft, woven pulseras go in the bags with the pink tags, and everything else goes in the bags with the blue tags. Please see the photo at the bottom of this page for clarification on which styles go in which bags. You don't need to count the number of each separate style, just the overall total number of pulseras. 


The next thing you'll do is fill out the enclosure sheet that was included in the colorful folder inside of your box. This is where you'll write the number of remaining pulseras, the number of pulseras sold, and the total amount of funds raised. If your total is off by a small amount, please don't worry! Small discrepancies are common and if you have any concerns you can email us or call 484-319-7040. Make sure to send the enclosure sheet back in the folder with the rest of the materials. If your school needs it for their records, please make a copy so that you can send the original form back to us. 


Place all of the small materials back in the colorful folder (price sheets, leftover informational sheets, DVD, enclosure sheet), and make sure to take out the return address label that was included in the folder. Then, pack up the materials. You'll want to make sure that the tri-fold photo display goes at the bottom of the box, and then everything else can go on top: pulseras & bags, Nicaraguan flag, laminated overview poster, and the colorful folder. Please don't send the sale proceeds in the box: those should be sent separately.  


Tape up the box. If possible, we'd appreciate if you could use clear packing tape to do this. Although we think Zebra or Cheetah-print Duct Tape is awesome, unfortunately it makes it harder for us to re-use the box for schools that will be involved later in the year. Once the box is taped up, simply stick on the pre-paid return label on top of the original label we used to send your box. Make sure it's on there tight and doesn't have any chance of falling off in transit. 


Finally, you'll need to drop off the box at any UPS location. Most people use their local UPS store to do this, although there are some other options. Many Staples locations have a UPS drop-off counter that you can bring the box to. Many schools receive UPS deliveries on a daily basis, and it's likely that they'll be able to pick your box up from the front office or the location they deliver to. Please do not take the box to the Post Office. USPS has no relation to UPS and they will not be able to do anything with the box.  

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